Personal Development & Wellbeing For Women

Online classes and short courses created by women, for women.



Learn new skills and achieve your personal development and wellbeing goals by learning from one of our trusted female experts.

We cover everything from confidence to self esteem, positive attitude to positive body image, understanding your baby's brain to strength training for beginners! With courses being added fortnighly from experts in their field, L-School will help to make your confidence, success and happiness a habit, for life!

"I have spent a lot of time on L-School this weekend and I just wanted to share the love. It has put me in such a positive, happy mood this morning and it is slowly but changing my outlook and perception of myself. Thank you for doing what you do."

- Louise, School Teacher


Take practical and inspirational online classes in body, mind and spirit from the comfort of your own home. L-School teaches women the life skills they need to excel in life.



Buy a course and own it for life

Learn on your own schedule, anywhere. From the comfort of your own home you can finally make that commitment to yourself! 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Join L-School and access an unlimited number of online classes - anytime, anywhere - from our growing library of personal development, wellbeing and health short courses.

"If you are on the fence about signing up for any of these courses have a think about the money you splurge on things to make you feel good e.g. manicure, massage, facial, shoes, bag... Think about how temporary that feeling really is. Enrol now for the tools you need to carry you through the rest of your life with love, respect and confidence."

- Susan Robinson


"I created L-School because I want all women to have access to a life coach. Our personal development and growth is so important and I believe that when we nurture this we can achieve anything we put our mind to. L-School is your school for life"


L-School will provide space for you to listen to and focus on your needs, wellbeing, goals and self care - we are a gym for your brain. You will be guided on your self-help and wellbeing journey by trusted experts who want to show you how to develop emotionally, mentally, spiritually, economically and intellectually in a fun and easy going way! L-School is special because it is

- Created exclusively by women, for women.

- Supporting women in business.

- We empower women.

- We are affordable.

- We are fun.

- Download our App and learn from anywhere

- Over 100 hours of learning available at your fingers tips.

- Buy a course and own it for life.


We started L-School to empower women on their personal development and wellbeing journey.

We want to create a community of learning that contains science and heart felt advice to help women live their best possible life. Whether or not you feel like your life is on a path to no where, L-School can help you shake things up and find your happiness again. By helping you gain self-awareness and direction in life and being more focused, effective and motivated we will help you strengthen your relationship with yourself and others again. If you are on the cusp of a big life change then L-School can empower you with the skills, confidence and habits you need to conquer this next chapter in your life! Whether you are getting married, having a baby, setting up a business or going for that promotion L-School will provide space for you to listen to and focus on your needs, goals and self care.

But not only this, we believe in supporting women in business. L-School teachers and mentors are students, moms, business owners and employees who want to make a difference and are excited to share their knowledge, passion and expertise.

"For me working with Sarah has been life-changing. Thanks to Sarah I am now looking at what can go right rather than what can go wrong and I am running after my next goal and I know it will happen. Thanks Sarah."

- Tracey, Self-Employed



To buy a course and own it for life, prices will start at as little as €20.

Personal Development & Wellbeing For Women

Online classes and short courses created by women, for women.

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